Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update from appointment.

Appointment itself went well - it was with the same midwife again. This time only one labouring woman which freaked me a little but not too much. Fundal height 29cms[1cm ahead] and baby in breech position but lots of time to turn.

++ Protein in my urine and slightly elevated blood pressure saw me take a urine sample to the hospital today. Results will come back on Friday - midwife will call me - nt sure what will happen. She's checking fr Pre-Eclampsia - although she didn't say it.

Have booked in my scan which was meant t be at 34 weeks but I'll be a smidge over 31 weeks which the lady at the desk said was fine. September 22nd at 11am. Can't wait to see the baby again - and double check it's still a girl!!

Have to go back to the High Risk Clinic in October to review my ultrasound and make a birth plan! How exiting!

Will update again on Friday after I speak to the midwife.

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