Monday, November 30, 2009


Hey Harp!

You're not very well right now, you poor little sausage. We took your sister to the Hospital for Botox today and you stayed with Nanny & Poppy - all reports are you were a doll. Thank-you.

You went to sleep soonish after we got home, I have missed a whole day of Harp :(

Sleep tight my little friend, tomorrow we shall play. xx

Friday, November 20, 2009

Harper. 12 months old.


I love you more than chocolate my littlest person.

This year has gone so fast. Every minute with you is such fun. You make me smile always.

You've started walking this past week. It's beautiful.

You toddle around with such ease, it only took you 3 days to master. Today you tried to run, without much success, but it was awfully, awfully cute.

Your hair is so long now, it's curled at the back. You remind me of the guy from The Office, with your shaggy locks, but still super cute.

You still love to play peek-a-boo, but now it's aaah-beee! Too funny. You put your hand above your ear to hide.

You won't let me brush your hair, but you'll gladly do it yourself, the whole time saying, "preeeeeeet" for pretty.

Your favourite toys are Isla's textas much to her disgust. I often find you covered in texta on your legs. In fact, you really only play with Isla's things. You particularly love Isla's kindy days where you can play in her room all you like without getting in to trouble.

You still eat everything, I'm a little sick of my house smelling like sausages, seeing as though that's your favourite at the moment. You do have some strange texture issue with icing at the moment, you cry and try to wipe it off you while you gag, you strange little person.

I don't have many photo's of you right now, you're so hard to keep still, and all the shots I took of you this morning your eyes were closed (great photographer I am!) so this one will have to do for now. I know it looks like you only have 1 leg, but it was dark, stormy and about a billion degrees, all we wanted was to eat dinner and get stuck into your ice cream cake!

You babble all day now, and you call people by their names. Tonight you walked up to Poppy while calling out to him. You also yelled out "Bye Iyah!" at Isla's Kindy Orientation yesterday. You call all dogs Moopy after Nanny & Poppy's dog, and today you even said Suzy (yet another dog). Clever girl.

Happy 1st year Harp. You make my heart sing. xx