Tuesday, September 23, 2008

31 weeks.

Gastro. Enough said really. Both Ian and I were struck down with it. Isla managed to escape it - thankfully.

I had another ultrasound yesterday, all went well, although I was terrified of throwing up everywhere, luckily I was at home when the sickness struck!

Baby is doing well, 3 days ahead of dates, but the sonographer says that anything within 7 days either side is considered normal. Heartbeat was 110 on first check, but he checked again as it was a little low and it was up to 126bpm. Head is down (still) and baby weighs approximately 1.8kgs already - which is 4lbs. I had an ultrasound at the same stage with Isla's pregnancy and she was 4lb 4oz, so right on with her sister.

I have some excess amniotic fluid, not sure what units it's measured in, but apparently the normal range is 11-12 and I have 20. He said it's not really a problem until it gets to about 26 (units) and that they'll just keep and eye on my fundal height at each antenatal appointment. I guess it explains why I feel so massive!

In other news, my placenta has moved 11.5cms away from the cervix, so I am able to try for a vaginal birth - although I am having mixed emotions about it all. Will have to do some research and discuss it with the OB at the High Risk appointment in a few weeks time. Apparently the OB and I are going to nut out a birth plan at that appointment so we'll see what happens.

Looks like I can remove the tags from the pink clohtes I've bought, the sonographer yesterday said he really doesn't like telling people that they're having girls without seeing the presence of labia and a uterus, and he was so lovely, he spent a lot of time checking to see those very things, and he did!! So, another pinky :) She's awfully cute!

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