Monday, September 15, 2008

30 weeks.

How exciting, 30 weeks. 10 to go - possibly only 8 if I have a c-section!

Both Isla and I were sick last night with some feral gastro type bug. I've only managed cruskits today, although she seems fine which is a relief. Hopefully it'll be completely out of our system by tomorrow, Isla will be put into plasters up to her knees for 3 weeks :(

Midwife called last week, the urine sample came back all clear which is a relief. I didn't cancel the doubled up appointments I had, and considering the week I've had with the flu and gastro, I'm pretty keen to visit her tomorrow night and have a chat and hear the baby's beautiful heart beat again.

Only 1 week left until the ultrasound. Can't wait.

Am wondering at what stage I should have a hospital bag packed, considering Isla was 5 weeks early and I was already in hospital at this stage of my pregnancy with her, I never had the opportunity to pack anything (although people brought in practically everything I owned, because on my day of discharge, it took 3 trips to the car just to load all my crap!). Also wondering what stage to install the new carseat, when to wash all the baby clothes I have ready and waiting... I suppose I should also find where I (read: Ian) put the cot bolts when we moved last time, and buy a new cot mattress. Gah, and here I thought I was organised!

Hopefully the hospital will give me some sort of list of what to pack too. I have a feeling they may do cloth nappies there, there was a snappi on the newborn bed in the BU - will check that out tomorrow. We bought our first pack of newborn nappies on the weekend - it's starting to feel real!

Have been wondering how we'll cope with a new addition, last time we had no support from family, friends etc and Ian had just started a new job, and we moved when Isla was about 8 weeks old (and this is the plan again this time too). Fingers crossed it will be smoother sailing this time.

Here's a belly shot from Thursday, the only one I've really taken (okay, I admit, the only one I haven't deleted!)

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