Saturday, June 26, 2010

Harper. 19 months old.

My sweet little chicken, you've had me in both hysterics and tears this past month.

You're still so much fun, and have such a free spirit, but you are getting so dangerous with the things you do, it's scaring me.

You've started climbing on the dining table, and jumping up and down. You've started climbing onto the computer desk too. You're becoming increasingly rough with your big sister who can't defend herself against you. Yesterday you tried to drag her across the lounge room by her hair. You run out the front door and down the driveway onto the road if I'm not quick enough.

But despite the general naughtiness, you're a pretty good kid, lots of smiles and cuddles and laughter.

You've really settled in to kindy, this past week especially. No more running to me when I get there, you take me by the hand and show me the toys you've been playing with, its's so lovely.

You love to colour, just like your big sister, and with each stroke of pencil on the paper you say, "There! Perfect!"

Love you Harry-High-Pants ♥

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Harper. 18 months old.

Happy 1 and a half years baby girl.

You've been sick for a few weeks now, first gastro, then the flu and you still have this lingering cough that won't.go.away.

You're loving pre-school now, Miss Nicole said Friday was your best day yet, you talked the whole day and barely cried. I am so proud of you.

You're such a cheeky girl, people take one look at you and say "she looks like a ratbag" and you are ♥ The other day I found you laying on the entertainment unit watching tv, I don't know how you climbed it, but you did.

You're totally obsessed with locks and buckles, you're continually grabbing my keys and trying to unlock the screws of the cabinets. You happily sit in your pram for ages just trying to do up the buckles.

You're so very vocal now, you can say 'dinosaur' and it's adorable. You yell at the kids who are running when we go to school, "Stop It!" you scream at them, and it's hilarious. You're into 3 word sentences already, "I coming Mummy", "I sorry Mummy", "Tank-you Mummy" "Don't do it Isla" ♥ We went to the Charcoal Chicken shop the other day and you had everyone in hysterics, looking at the chickens and rubbing your tummy saying, "Mmmm yummy!".

Love you crazy xx

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Harper. 17 months old.

hello baby.

17 months. Time's going by so fast. You're a proper little girl now, it's really odd, I expected you to be a baby forever.

New things this month, let me see. You've picked up "stop it" and whenever Isla cuddles you, you screetch at her "Stop it Isla!".

You've mastered what I call "the Sink Eye". I don't know where it came from, but it's dealt out on a pretty regular basis these days. Your teachers at Kindy have even commented on it. They say you have them in hysterics with it. I really have to capture it on camera, it's so funny.

Lots of sentences now. Your favourite is "where did he go", or "where'd he go" you say. You can never find your turtle, so you walk around saying this. Super cute.

A week or so ago you were in the hideous habit of waking at 4am. Thankfully you're over it now...

To my utter delight you LOVE Fall Out Boy. Like, love love them. You come up to the computer when I have iTunes open and say "Dance, Dance" until I put it on. Then you dance. So adorable.

Happy 17 months Harp. Love you more than chocolate.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Harper. 16 months old.

Big things are happening around here. Sort of.

Well, bit things are happening to you. You've just started daycare. Two whole days a week, today is your third day and I am missing you like crazy. I should be doing my assignments and be out shooting, but I just miss you so much.

You're the biggest bundle of energy and love in this whole world. 3 more teeth have joined us this month, you've been a tad cranky, but I've got to give it to you baby, you teethe like a champion.

Still madly in love with the Wot Wots so imagine how excited you were to get 9 mini Wot Wots Books. Your squeals of joy were magical. You love Roary the Racing Car too, whenever the ad comes on you go, "brrrrrrrm, Roary, a car!". ♥

Apart from one minor altercation where you swore at your sister {and yes, it was the "f" word} you play so beautifully with your big sister Isla. You run to her when she gets out of class, calling out "Isla" the whole time, then there's about a solid minute of cuddles between you. It melts me every time.

I finally managed to wrangle your hair into piggy tails this month, and you look oh so cute! Unfortunately you wont sit still long enough for me to get a photo of you with them, but I will keep trying. You look so much like Isla when she was your age, it's uncanny.

Love you baby girl.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Harper. 15 months old.

I'm late on this one I know.

So much happening around here.

Yesterday you had your first {and hopefully last} trip to the Emergency Room. You were running into my room, tripped coming in the doorway and smacked your face into the base of my bed.

There was blood. SO much blood. You screamed so much, but you were so brave.

Your lip is so swollen, and looks so painful, yet you're running around like crazy again, without a care in the world.

You're still missing Isla so so much now that she's at school. Last week I took you up to the school at home time and you ran into her classroom 3 times. Everyone thought you were so adorable, missing your sister, but I think you really just wanted to hang out with the big kids.

You can jump the entire length of the lounge room now. You and your sister are constantly chasing each other around the house like crazy. You're insisting on feeding yourself all the time now, so your quite often only wearing a nappy because I can't keep up with all your washing!

You're still gaga for The Wot Wots. It's the one thing you really love. You dance when you hear the theme music, and you sing "wot, wot, wot, wot". It's very, very cute.

Love you my little friend.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Harper. 14 months.

Hey baby.

You are awesome.

Big month this month. You had your first big holiday to Melbourne, and you were SUCH a good girl in the car. Bless your little heart.

Jumping with both feet off the ground now. You eat everything in sight. You take your nappy off when it's wet and say to me "wee wee", you grab toilet paper and try to wipe your bottom saying "poooooo!".

Super, super cute. You have me in fits of laughter every single day.

I'm contemplating taking you for a haircut, no doubt I'll chicken out though, your hair is constantly in your eyes and it's driving me insane.

You love cars and trucks right now, you go "brrrrm, brrrrm" and "toot, toot" all day long. You've just discovered tv, and you LOVE Play School and the Wot Wots.

You're such a lovely girl - note: GIRL, not baby anymore. You've really grown up.

Today we had a chat, I said, "Harper, I love you" and you replied "I yarv you!". Oh so sweet.

I love you so.