Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baby clothes.

Is there anything cuter in the world? Okay, perhaps the baby that actually wears them, but still, I love baby clothes SO much.

I picked up a layby full of cuddly newborn bits and pieces today, and made a trek to the supermarket to find some lovely eco-friendly washing powder to wash everything ready to be packed into the hospital bag - how sad am I!?!

I've gone through the bits and pieces that I have and have picked the most gender neutral stuff to wash first, I'll see what the ultrasound tech says on Monday at my scan, I don't want to pack everything pink just in case! I might just wash a few things and pack them separately for Ian/Mum/whoever to bring in should the baby still be a wee pinky :)

Nothing much to buy clothes-wise now, just socks and some more wondersuits for sleeping, oh and a few more singlets. Still have to go through Isla's baby clothes to see what I can re-use out of there too.

Very exciting!

I have absolutely nothing for me in the hospital though, I have one nighty that I love but I'm reluctant to take because I don't particularly want it covered in blood/vomit/iodine/what-have-you... I do have plenty of socks though, and slippers, so the situation isn't completely hopeless just yet.

I'm thinking about hiring one of those bassinette thingys that they have at the hospital, you know, the plastic baby tub thingy on wheels that the newborns sleep in. It'd save us putting up the cot when there's really no room for it anyway, and they're on wheels so I could move bub wherever is most quiet, cool etc. And, it doubles as a bath, which we don't have right now either. Must make that call tomorrow.

It's all becomming more real now.

Midwife check up last night went well, although she was super fast. I would have been there for about 5 minutes max. Good news is that my BP is back to normal, perfect in fact. Only one + protein now, which I've had all the way through. Baby is head down now, which explains why my belly has completely changed shape over the past week. No idea about my fundal height, she didn't measure it, but heartbeat is perfect :)

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