Wednesday, August 27, 2008

27 weeks.

I didn't go to my GCT test last week, that little beauty will happen tomorrow. Again, still not looking forward to it, but alas it needs to be done.

Finding it increasingly hard to sleep of a night time, I'm up til around 2.30-3.00am every night before Ian's alarm wakes me up at 4.45am :( Can't put my finger on why, I guess it's just one of those great pregnancy things!

Experiencing bouts of reflux too. I had forgotten how nasty is was, I had it with Isla too, but not this early in the pregnancy (If you can call 27 weeks early).

Still no name decision or discussion taking place. Ian's decided he will probably puke/pass out during an actual delivery (regardless of whether it be vaginal or c-section) so I figure if he's not there I'll just name the baby and introduce them afterwards ;).

Massive kicks now, my whole stomach is jumping about most of the time. Isla felt "baby sister" "bump" her yesterday and she didn't quite know how to take it!

Next midwife appointment on Tuesday night, again in the Birthing Unit. Not sure if Ian will join me this time, I suspect he'll offer to stay home with Isla and I'll go alone. Fingers crossed I don't pass out - I could feel myself getting all woosey last appoinment when I was looking at the little crib with the heat lamp and all the suction equipment etc. My mind just races a hundred miles an hour and I start to feel all the colour drain from my face, then things spin a little...quite sad really! Luckily Kate was able to distract me last time, hopefully I'll be okay!!

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