Tuesday, September 23, 2008

31 weeks.

Gastro. Enough said really. Both Ian and I were struck down with it. Isla managed to escape it - thankfully.

I had another ultrasound yesterday, all went well, although I was terrified of throwing up everywhere, luckily I was at home when the sickness struck!

Baby is doing well, 3 days ahead of dates, but the sonographer says that anything within 7 days either side is considered normal. Heartbeat was 110 on first check, but he checked again as it was a little low and it was up to 126bpm. Head is down (still) and baby weighs approximately 1.8kgs already - which is 4lbs. I had an ultrasound at the same stage with Isla's pregnancy and she was 4lb 4oz, so right on with her sister.

I have some excess amniotic fluid, not sure what units it's measured in, but apparently the normal range is 11-12 and I have 20. He said it's not really a problem until it gets to about 26 (units) and that they'll just keep and eye on my fundal height at each antenatal appointment. I guess it explains why I feel so massive!

In other news, my placenta has moved 11.5cms away from the cervix, so I am able to try for a vaginal birth - although I am having mixed emotions about it all. Will have to do some research and discuss it with the OB at the High Risk appointment in a few weeks time. Apparently the OB and I are going to nut out a birth plan at that appointment so we'll see what happens.

Looks like I can remove the tags from the pink clohtes I've bought, the sonographer yesterday said he really doesn't like telling people that they're having girls without seeing the presence of labia and a uterus, and he was so lovely, he spent a lot of time checking to see those very things, and he did!! So, another pinky :) She's awfully cute!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baby clothes.

Is there anything cuter in the world? Okay, perhaps the baby that actually wears them, but still, I love baby clothes SO much.

I picked up a layby full of cuddly newborn bits and pieces today, and made a trek to the supermarket to find some lovely eco-friendly washing powder to wash everything ready to be packed into the hospital bag - how sad am I!?!

I've gone through the bits and pieces that I have and have picked the most gender neutral stuff to wash first, I'll see what the ultrasound tech says on Monday at my scan, I don't want to pack everything pink just in case! I might just wash a few things and pack them separately for Ian/Mum/whoever to bring in should the baby still be a wee pinky :)

Nothing much to buy clothes-wise now, just socks and some more wondersuits for sleeping, oh and a few more singlets. Still have to go through Isla's baby clothes to see what I can re-use out of there too.

Very exciting!

I have absolutely nothing for me in the hospital though, I have one nighty that I love but I'm reluctant to take because I don't particularly want it covered in blood/vomit/iodine/what-have-you... I do have plenty of socks though, and slippers, so the situation isn't completely hopeless just yet.

I'm thinking about hiring one of those bassinette thingys that they have at the hospital, you know, the plastic baby tub thingy on wheels that the newborns sleep in. It'd save us putting up the cot when there's really no room for it anyway, and they're on wheels so I could move bub wherever is most quiet, cool etc. And, it doubles as a bath, which we don't have right now either. Must make that call tomorrow.

It's all becomming more real now.

Midwife check up last night went well, although she was super fast. I would have been there for about 5 minutes max. Good news is that my BP is back to normal, perfect in fact. Only one + protein now, which I've had all the way through. Baby is head down now, which explains why my belly has completely changed shape over the past week. No idea about my fundal height, she didn't measure it, but heartbeat is perfect :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

30 weeks.

How exciting, 30 weeks. 10 to go - possibly only 8 if I have a c-section!

Both Isla and I were sick last night with some feral gastro type bug. I've only managed cruskits today, although she seems fine which is a relief. Hopefully it'll be completely out of our system by tomorrow, Isla will be put into plasters up to her knees for 3 weeks :(

Midwife called last week, the urine sample came back all clear which is a relief. I didn't cancel the doubled up appointments I had, and considering the week I've had with the flu and gastro, I'm pretty keen to visit her tomorrow night and have a chat and hear the baby's beautiful heart beat again.

Only 1 week left until the ultrasound. Can't wait.

Am wondering at what stage I should have a hospital bag packed, considering Isla was 5 weeks early and I was already in hospital at this stage of my pregnancy with her, I never had the opportunity to pack anything (although people brought in practically everything I owned, because on my day of discharge, it took 3 trips to the car just to load all my crap!). Also wondering what stage to install the new carseat, when to wash all the baby clothes I have ready and waiting... I suppose I should also find where I (read: Ian) put the cot bolts when we moved last time, and buy a new cot mattress. Gah, and here I thought I was organised!

Hopefully the hospital will give me some sort of list of what to pack too. I have a feeling they may do cloth nappies there, there was a snappi on the newborn bed in the BU - will check that out tomorrow. We bought our first pack of newborn nappies on the weekend - it's starting to feel real!

Have been wondering how we'll cope with a new addition, last time we had no support from family, friends etc and Ian had just started a new job, and we moved when Isla was about 8 weeks old (and this is the plan again this time too). Fingers crossed it will be smoother sailing this time.

Here's a belly shot from Thursday, the only one I've really taken (okay, I admit, the only one I haven't deleted!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

29 weeks.

Fact. Heartburn is the devil. Coupled with the fact that I really only want to drink juice right now, it's a terrible combination.

Still haven't heard back from the hospital about my urine test, I suppose no news really is good news?? I should just call them, I have 2 appointments scheduled that need changing, I'm just not sure whether I call the BU or the MWC? One way to find out I suppose.

Baby is moving a LOT more now, and I'm having really frequent Braxton Hicks too, some are actually quite painful :(

We had a good Father's Day, Isla wanted to go to the Park and play on the swings, so that's what we did. Have some photo's - will post them on her website: islasjourney.blogspot.com

Thursday, September 4, 2008

28 weeks.

Only 12 to go! Hello 3rd trimester!

GCT was on Thursday, wasn't as bad as I remembered it being, although this time the drink was carbonated and cold, so that's a plus! Get the results today.

Midwife appointment tonight, I think this time to talk abut everything all the emotion etc that I have. The other night I lay in bed crying because I am already confronted by how different this baby will be from Isla. It will be so strange to have a baby that doesn't have stiff legs or that can sit properly etc etc. I'm not sure how I'll deal with it - will it make me feel differently towards it - or towards Isla for that matter? :(

Massive hip pain again. Seems to be more on my right hand side although it doesn't matter how I lay because it throbs all night long.

Will update again after tonight's appointment.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update from appointment.

Appointment itself went well - it was with the same midwife again. This time only one labouring woman which freaked me a little but not too much. Fundal height 29cms[1cm ahead] and baby in breech position but lots of time to turn.

++ Protein in my urine and slightly elevated blood pressure saw me take a urine sample to the hospital today. Results will come back on Friday - midwife will call me - nt sure what will happen. She's checking fr Pre-Eclampsia - although she didn't say it.

Have booked in my scan which was meant t be at 34 weeks but I'll be a smidge over 31 weeks which the lady at the desk said was fine. September 22nd at 11am. Can't wait to see the baby again - and double check it's still a girl!!

Have to go back to the High Risk Clinic in October to review my ultrasound and make a birth plan! How exiting!

Will update again on Friday after I speak to the midwife.