Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Harper. Almost 13 weeks.

Bad Mummy!

Terribly slack updating Harp's blog. I have good intentions, honestly I do, but I just seem to forget about this place.

Well, Pumba is 13 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe she's 3 months on Friday! Crazy talk.

She's till lovely, such a cool, laid back kid. She's having a nice little snooze on the lounge behind me as I type this. She's still sleeping really, really well. Usually til around 5ish still, going down around 7pm. Bliss.

Still can't work out what size she is. I bought her a size 0 wondersuit the other week and it fits! OMG! My little baby isn't so little any more.

Lot's of babble, sooooo cute. Still wakes up happy, having a chat in her bassinette, usually making "yeah, yeah, yeah" sounds! I bought her a swing the other week, which has been a god-send in getting her to sleep some days, as she likes to be cuddled a lot!

Almost too long for her bassinette. I really can't wait to move house. Really. Very sick of living here, and oddly we moved here to save, yet never have any money left over at the end of the week, I don't quite understand it at all! Harp needs to go into her cot very soon, so I'm hoping we find a place SOON so that can be a reality - although should we stay here longer, I could just put her cot into Isla's room given Isla rarely sleeps an entire night in there - but that's another story!

What else.

I have pictures of my littlest princess but they're pretty big, so I'll resize and post soon!