Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Harper. 7 months old.

Hello Baby.

You are still oh so sweet. Every day you smile more, and my heart snuggles you in that little bit closer.

Today we went for 6 month needles (I know, a month late) and I say we, because the Dr insisted I have a Whooping Cough booster too.

All went well, she barely cried.

Weighed and measured, 7.9kgs and 69cms long. Only 700gram gain in 2 months.

Still super cute though.

Babbles a LOT now, says Iyah (for Isla) and Dada - damn it, not mumma. Also says "Ha-ba" which we think is her effort for Harper.

Loves her vegies. Was still on the anti-reflux formula until the Dr today suggested I take her off it and see how she goes.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Harry High Pants

You are just too cute, my littlest princess.

I've just gone back to work, and Harp is just learning to get on without me. It's been very hard for her, but now the tears are less frequent. Joy.

She's settling for her Nana, and for her Daddy when I'm not here.

Last night, for Mum's birthday we went to her favourite little Vietnamese restaurant. The owner asked if he could hold Harp, and we said, "Sure, but she'll scream". He took her and sat across the restaurant with her, and she smiled and laughed. He passed her to a waitress. Harp was a dream! She went through about 5 sets of hands before coming back to us, where they told us, "HE's a beautiful little boy". huh?

We said she was a girl and one waitress turned to the other staff and said, "See, I told you she was too pretty to be a boy!".

So, my little friend, you're getting better with people. Now to get you liking the car...