Friday, August 1, 2008

What's in a name?

So it appears that everyone has a comment on potential baby names. Ugh. Perhaps it's better to keep completely quiet about the names we're considering until our little bundle arrives, surely it would be harder to say "I hate the name" or "that's awful" when the child has already been delivered and named? ALthough, thinking back, so many people told us they really disliked Isla as a name when she was born. Everyone is keen to offer up suggestions too, but always suiting their naming styles, not ours.

These are some girls names I *love* but will most probably never use :(

* Savannah (probably too American?? I've loved this name since pregnant with Isla, a lady I roomed with had a 2 yr old called Savannah) * Saskia * Matilda (too popular) *Ariadne *Adelaide *Olive *Sibylla *Sophia (too popular) *Francesca (sounds bad with surname) *Audrey *Hermoine (don't want any association with Harry Potter) *Claudia *Annika *Lola (Ian thinks it rhymes too much with Isla and it's my favourite name) *Evangeline (Evie) *Ashton (Ian doesn't think it's androgynous at all, thinks it's soley a boys name) *Maggie (I don't even know why but I love it) *Georgia (My half sister'd daughter has this name, although I have never met her)

Ian's list: *Alexandria *Hope *Harmony *something starting with K...I can't remember them now, will have to find his list, no doubt he's forgotten all of them!

It's all too hard. If this baby was a boy, he'd already be named (in fact, I'd had his name ready since 2006!) Madden William Cole. Sigh. I love, love, LOVE the name Madden. Too masculine for a girl though. Perhaps a middle name? Something Madden Kate F---. Hmm.

Names I loved when pregnant with Isla. *Ava (although was told by SIL I couldn't use it as she had dibbs on it) *Eloise *Paige *Ella *Eliza *Isobel *Olivia *Isla (of course) *Sophia *London. Ian and I still really like London, although I struggle with the idea of "place names". All the other names (except Isla) are way too popular now or I'm just over them.

I'm going to keep this list bumped any time that a "helpful" suggestion is made, here's what's been suggested to me so far:

Gillian, Amelia, Rose, Sophie (surprisingly, as it was my sister who suggested it only 6 weeks after telling me I couldn't have it because she has dibbs on it), Harriet, Lucinda, Isobel, Anna, Lucille, Makayla, Juliet...I'm sure there are more, I just can't think of them now!

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