Wednesday, July 30, 2008

23 weeks.

Nothing much to report this week so far.

Lower back is HURTING!! Dr explained it's from all the hormones released in pregnancy making ligaments etc relax a bit. Told me to contact the antenatal clinic and book in to see one of their physiotherapists, although the wait list is quite long, so I may just have a hunt around for a private physio, in the meantime, heat packs and panadol.

I am officially on maternity leave until May of next year - see above-mentioned back pain and standing on my feet for hours on end is making it worse. Found a lovely GP who gave me a certificate to bring forward my leave from September to last Thursday. Funnily enough, he spent the last 12 months doing an internship at the hospital I'll be having the baby at, so has told me to tell them in the antenatal clinic that "Raj says hi!". Too funny.

We took advantage of me not working and slipped away to this place near Sussex Inlet over the weekend for Christmas in July. It was really nice, just us girls, Ian stayed at home and played World of Warcraft til his eyes bled. Weird to think that when Christmas does come around we'll have two little girls in the house! How exciting!

Have been a complete domestic goddess today, been grocery shopping, done 4 loads of washing, made up beds, kitchen spotless, meals for the week sorted, fridge cleaned out. All to do now is change the doona cover and pillowcases.

New camera charger arriving within the next 10 days (but who's counting) so I'll have some belly shots and maybe some pics of little Isla, who yesterday decided her new baby sister's name will be "rina" as in ballerina! She's too cute someitmes!.

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