Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The blog is now pink!

So you know what that means!

Yep, we're having another little Princess! Measuring spot on for her dates which is great news, my other little one was always behind, thus always changing my due date! But here we are 19 weeks and 1 day pregnant with another little girl :)

The scan went well. They were running late and I was worried I was going to wet my pants in the waiting room, luckily a kind-hearted receptionist let me go to the loo before I was called in, or it would have been a mop and bucket job.

10 fingers, 10 toes and all the appropriate bits in between. The other good news is that my placenta isn't being a prick like last time, so I can breathe a little easier now. Although the ultrasound tech said yesterday that the placenta "looked good", I went through the results and films today with a VMO at the Hospital.

Technically, the placenta is low-lying, but not to the extent that it was in my first pregnancy. According to the High Risk Dr I saw today, low-lying means anything less than 5cms away from the os (cervix) and this one is 4.2cms away, so I will be getting re-scanned at 34 weeks to see whether it has moved etc.

Now here's the exciting news, she asked me what model of care I wanted, and I was absolutely gobsmacked that I was allowed to choose, and why can I choose?? Because I am no longer deemed High Risk!!!! Yippee!!! I have chosen to see the midwives in the evening clinic so hopefully that will rule out waiting for 2 hours like I did today.

One more piece of very exciting news, is that this Dr, who's name I can't think of at all, is encouraging me to try a VBAC! How fabulous is that! Of course, I will be encouraged assuming that all the stars align (well, no PP, no pre-E, no breech position etc). She will let me go 10 days over to go into spontaneous labour, otherwise another c-section is on the cards because she doesn't like to do inductions. BUT, she's also happy for me to have another c-section if I choose, she's leaving it up to me and I feel great knowing that I have some sort of control over things (to some extent anyway).

So, that's it for now, I will scan some pics of the new little girl tomorrow.

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