Sunday, July 13, 2008

20 weeks.

okay, almost 21 weeks [in 2.5hrs] but it slipped my mind to post here this week.

This week I'm not feeling too bad really, apart from Thursday night when I left work early because my stomach felt so tight I couldn't even stand properly. Not Braxton Hicks, just a constant tight that wrapped around the top of my stomach and lasted about 4ish hours. Must remember to ask Midwife about this.

Having difficulty sleeping, last night was particularly bad. I seem to be able to lay only on my sides (I've never been able to sleep on my back, which proved very troublesome after my c-section) but can only last about 20 mins on each side before being woken by pain in my hips. Not sure how to remedy this, will have to try some more pillows or wrapped up towels and see how we go. It's exhausting!

Finally put some things on layby and bought some clothes for this little lady. A few rompers, bodysuits and the like, a couple of wraps and we get the car seat either this week or next. Toying with the idea of a bassinette for this one, we never had one last time, our little one was indeed very little (only 2.5kgs born) and spent the first 4 or 5 weeks sleeping in her pram because the cot just seemed far too big for her.

So, we're getting there with finding a name for this little person, 2 potential names start with "L" and one starts with "H". No doubt everyone will hate them all but meh, you can't please everyone. Ian insists that it isn't important that we decided a name now, "these things can't be rushed" he claims. Men.

All talk on the subject has been banned until further notice as we're both getting the shits, him with the fact that I want to pick something now, and me with the fact he won't commit.

Our little girl is very pleased with getting a new little sister, and even said to me tonight "Mummy I wish I had someone to play with" so I asked, "Who would you like to play with?" "My little sister" she replied. Melted me completely.

She also commented as a protective big sister yesterday, on our way to meet up with my Mum for lunch, Ian put his hand on my tummy and she said "Daddy, that's not Mummy's tummy, that's my little sister!". Aww.

I still have another 4 ish weeks until my next appointment - in the Birthing Unit. I'm preparing myself now for the howling, swearing and screaming that I'll undoubtedly be greeted with. It's really quite intimidating being in your 2nd trimester and hearing ladies in full blown labour. I remember when I was first hospitalised with my last pregnancy, I was 22 weeks, and I can vividly recall the screams and moans and groans that I first heard almost 4 years ago. Scared the living daylights out of me to be honest. At that time, I remember thinking, "thank god I'm having a c-section!". The following 3 times I was admitted to BU's it didn't bother me so much. This time round though, with the emphasis being placed on a possible VBAC, I think I'll be more terrified than ever!

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