Sunday, May 23, 2010

Harper. 18 months old.

Happy 1 and a half years baby girl.

You've been sick for a few weeks now, first gastro, then the flu and you still have this lingering cough that won't.go.away.

You're loving pre-school now, Miss Nicole said Friday was your best day yet, you talked the whole day and barely cried. I am so proud of you.

You're such a cheeky girl, people take one look at you and say "she looks like a ratbag" and you are ♥ The other day I found you laying on the entertainment unit watching tv, I don't know how you climbed it, but you did.

You're totally obsessed with locks and buckles, you're continually grabbing my keys and trying to unlock the screws of the cabinets. You happily sit in your pram for ages just trying to do up the buckles.

You're so very vocal now, you can say 'dinosaur' and it's adorable. You yell at the kids who are running when we go to school, "Stop It!" you scream at them, and it's hilarious. You're into 3 word sentences already, "I coming Mummy", "I sorry Mummy", "Tank-you Mummy" "Don't do it Isla" ♥ We went to the Charcoal Chicken shop the other day and you had everyone in hysterics, looking at the chickens and rubbing your tummy saying, "Mmmm yummy!".

Love you crazy xx

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