Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Harper. 14 months.

Hey baby.

You are awesome.

Big month this month. You had your first big holiday to Melbourne, and you were SUCH a good girl in the car. Bless your little heart.

Jumping with both feet off the ground now. You eat everything in sight. You take your nappy off when it's wet and say to me "wee wee", you grab toilet paper and try to wipe your bottom saying "poooooo!".

Super, super cute. You have me in fits of laughter every single day.

I'm contemplating taking you for a haircut, no doubt I'll chicken out though, your hair is constantly in your eyes and it's driving me insane.

You love cars and trucks right now, you go "brrrrm, brrrrm" and "toot, toot" all day long. You've just discovered tv, and you LOVE Play School and the Wot Wots.

You're such a lovely girl - note: GIRL, not baby anymore. You've really grown up.

Today we had a chat, I said, "Harper, I love you" and you replied "I yarv you!". Oh so sweet.

I love you so.

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