Saturday, March 6, 2010

Harper. 15 months old.

I'm late on this one I know.

So much happening around here.

Yesterday you had your first {and hopefully last} trip to the Emergency Room. You were running into my room, tripped coming in the doorway and smacked your face into the base of my bed.

There was blood. SO much blood. You screamed so much, but you were so brave.

Your lip is so swollen, and looks so painful, yet you're running around like crazy again, without a care in the world.

You're still missing Isla so so much now that she's at school. Last week I took you up to the school at home time and you ran into her classroom 3 times. Everyone thought you were so adorable, missing your sister, but I think you really just wanted to hang out with the big kids.

You can jump the entire length of the lounge room now. You and your sister are constantly chasing each other around the house like crazy. You're insisting on feeding yourself all the time now, so your quite often only wearing a nappy because I can't keep up with all your washing!

You're still gaga for The Wot Wots. It's the one thing you really love. You dance when you hear the theme music, and you sing "wot, wot, wot, wot". It's very, very cute.

Love you my little friend.

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