Monday, March 29, 2010

Harper. 16 months old.

Big things are happening around here. Sort of.

Well, bit things are happening to you. You've just started daycare. Two whole days a week, today is your third day and I am missing you like crazy. I should be doing my assignments and be out shooting, but I just miss you so much.

You're the biggest bundle of energy and love in this whole world. 3 more teeth have joined us this month, you've been a tad cranky, but I've got to give it to you baby, you teethe like a champion.

Still madly in love with the Wot Wots so imagine how excited you were to get 9 mini Wot Wots Books. Your squeals of joy were magical. You love Roary the Racing Car too, whenever the ad comes on you go, "brrrrrrrm, Roary, a car!". ♥

Apart from one minor altercation where you swore at your sister {and yes, it was the "f" word} you play so beautifully with your big sister Isla. You run to her when she gets out of class, calling out "Isla" the whole time, then there's about a solid minute of cuddles between you. It melts me every time.

I finally managed to wrangle your hair into piggy tails this month, and you look oh so cute! Unfortunately you wont sit still long enough for me to get a photo of you with them, but I will keep trying. You look so much like Isla when she was your age, it's uncanny.

Love you baby girl.

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