Saturday, June 26, 2010

Harper. 19 months old.

My sweet little chicken, you've had me in both hysterics and tears this past month.

You're still so much fun, and have such a free spirit, but you are getting so dangerous with the things you do, it's scaring me.

You've started climbing on the dining table, and jumping up and down. You've started climbing onto the computer desk too. You're becoming increasingly rough with your big sister who can't defend herself against you. Yesterday you tried to drag her across the lounge room by her hair. You run out the front door and down the driveway onto the road if I'm not quick enough.

But despite the general naughtiness, you're a pretty good kid, lots of smiles and cuddles and laughter.

You've really settled in to kindy, this past week especially. No more running to me when I get there, you take me by the hand and show me the toys you've been playing with, its's so lovely.

You love to colour, just like your big sister, and with each stroke of pencil on the paper you say, "There! Perfect!"

Love you Harry-High-Pants ♥

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