Sunday, December 28, 2008

Harper. 5 and a bit weeks.

Merry Christmas!!

Harper is still lovely, but incredibly AWAKE during daylight hours. Today, for example, she's been bright eyed and bushy tailed since about 5.30am! She's only had about an hour or two's sleep MAX during this time, poor little monkey.

It's incredbly hot here today and we have no air con, so no doubt that's added to things. She settles like a champion when wrapped but I just couldn't do it to her today :( Here's hoping tomorrow is much cooler - but I'm looking at rental properties as I type this!

Harper started smiling a few days ago, such a lovely Xmas present! She doesn't smile very much, usually when she's just woken up and they are so cute! I forgot how lovely gummy smiles can be!

Still feeding every 3 or 4 hours but it's not too bad. She's finally taking the reflux formula which is making her sleep a bit better.

I'm going to try and have her weighed this week!

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