Monday, December 22, 2008

Harper. 4 and a bit weeks.

Harper is doing really well. She's got the night time sorted, and will generally wake once or twice for a feed then goes straight back to sleep with minimal fuss - just the way I like it! Daytime is a different story, she's very alert theses days and will have a period during the day where she's awake for anywhere from 3-7 hours.

As much as I hate swaddling, it really works for her, the most important thing for me is to recognise her tired signs, as soon as she's over-tired, the next few hours are a write off!

No idea how big she is now, she's still fitting in her 0000 rompers but about to burst out of her 000 wondersuits. Should probably have her weighed again, but we're having lots of wet and dirty nappies so everything is going well I suppose.

We'll be off to the dr's soon, hopefully before Xmas, because I heard a clunk when I lifted her legs to change her nappy the other day, so I really think it would be a great idea to get it checked out ASAP, especially as Xmas is now 3 days away, I don't want to go over the Xmas/New Year period without having it looked at.

What else...

Isla is still being a wonderful big sister. We had a few issues with her doing wee's in her undies, we think as a reaction to Harper, but we've had no accidents since Friday and we've been using lots of positive reinforcement, seems to be doing the trick!

Isla and Harper went to their first birthday party for a gorgeous little girl called Eva on Saturday. Unfortunately, Isla didn't want to join in any of the party goings-on and chose to play on the climbing equipment for 2.5hours instead *roll eyes* and Harper just fed practically the whole time, but had a wonderful 5 hour sleep when we got home!

I can't believe my lovely little person has been with us for more than a month now, I can't remember what it was like before she arrived. I love her so much, she's such a beautiful little friend.

Here's my most favourite photo of Harper, and the 2nd shot was taken about 3 seconds after the first LOL and finally, some little toes, Harper's skin on her feet just peels all the time though :( I'll have to moisturise the little chicken first next time!

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