Monday, January 5, 2009

Harper. 6 and a bit weeks.

Happy New Year!!

Harper decided to sleep ALL night this past week - twice in fact! I think she may have done it again last night but I kicked a poweboard when I got up around 1am last night and she woke up :( But went back to sleep after a quick feed and woke up again around 5.30. She's having a lovely snooze right now, a complete 180 after yesterday where she was such an unhappy camper, poor little chicken.

We visited a friend for her birthday yesterday, she has the littlest 4ish week old, Makayla. She's so tiny, Harper looked like a sumo wrestler in comparison! I'll try and get a pic of them together at Isla's party on the weekend.

What else can I report about little H? She's been much more settled this past week, which happens to coincide with me putting her completely on AR formula. Yesterday was the first time in a week that we've had a witching hour of sorts (well, a witching 7 hours!) I'm sure it's the AR. I'm also thinking she may be having a growth spurt, she's been taking 180mls of formula lately at each feed, but perhaps it's more to do with missing her overnight feeds because she's sleeping?

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