Friday, December 12, 2008

Harper. 3 weeks.

Harper is a little more unsettled these days, I'm thinking it may be reflux, she seems to cry her little eyes out when she's flat on her back, so she's been on her side a fair bit with a safety roll thing to stop her rolling around. Today has been particularly stressful, I am sitting here typing this wearing the Baby Bjorn so she can sleep upright - if only I'd thought of it hours ago, may have saved my eardrums! I'm most definitely buying a Peanut Shell now!

The little lady already has tears! Has had them for about a week or so, and it breaks my heart when she has wind pain and cries those little tears.

Harper is having bigger feeds now, yesterday she took 180mls which was massive, but generally she's having 120mls every 3-4 hours. She's stopped snacking too which is nice :)

What else...We bought her pram yesterday with a buddy board for Isla - and Isla thinks it's the best thing ever! She insisted on going for a 'ride' at the inlaws place last night when we dropped over - hopefully with this, shopping won't be the nightmare that I've been anticipating!

Nothing much else to report. No new photos - will take some with the family tomorrow.

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