Friday, November 7, 2008

Registrar Visit.

The Dr I saw was terrible, it seemed like she had absolutely no idea what she was doing, which was a bit un-nerving. She pumped up my BP thing 3 times, then seemed to make up the actual BP that she wrote on my card. So once we'd finished there, Kate and I went to the medical centre that has an automated one and it was pretty close to what she'd written on my card.
I tested positive to Strep B, so it's a good thing I'm having a c-section. She said it doesn't mean I have it, I could just be a carrier, but it can be passed on to the baby through a vaginal delivery, so c-section it is.
BUT there was nothing written in my notes about a c-section on the 20th, and I saw the note where my c-section was canned for the 19th. It said, "No c-section booked for 19th therefore c-section not needed". Pretty interesting. I told her I was booked in for a c-section on the 20th and that they said that I would have to go to an anaesthesia clinic the week before-hand. She said that they usually make the bookings at the same time, so they should have told me when I had to go to the clinic, just to ask the midwives at the front desk - she really had no clue what was going on.
So, I asked the midwife out the front and she asked me for my admission papers - which I don't have. She said that I need to have the admission papers and have them signed by a GP and returned before I could go to the anaesthesia clinic or the pre-admission clinic. I told her I don't have them, and she told me to ask them for them at next weeks weekly visit, which is on next Friday - talk about cutting it fine. The Dr said that the anaesthesia clinic would probably be on the 18th! Bloody hell.
I think I might just call them in tears next week and ask someone to sort it all out for me - no one seems willing to help me get everything organised at all - it's very stressful.

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