Sunday, November 30, 2008

Harper. The first week and a bit.

Harper is a lovely baby. She loves her sleep, which is wonderful, because so do I!

Harper is a snacker, so only takes about 60ish mls before falling asleep, then will sleep for an hour and a half before wanting another 60mls. We've been working on keeping her awake, or at least waking her up when she first nods off and getting her to take more.

She hasn't been weighed since we've been home, I think I'm meant to take her to the Baby Health Clinic sometime this week, although I really don't want to. I remember seeing them when Isla was a newborn, and I expressed my concerns to them about Isla's legs always being stiff, and the nurse told me that it was a "sign that she wants to walk" and that she'll walk early - when in fact, it was her Cerebral Palsy, which could have been picked up a LOT earlier had the nurse not dismissed my concerns. Maybe I'll just take her to the GP instead?

Harper doesn't like to be wrapped, she loves sleeping with her arms raised above her head, but I wrapped her up again yesterday when she wouldn't settle and she had a really, really good sleep, so we continued it last night and this morning too and she seems a but more settled.

Hmm, I have no new photos, these are from a few days ago, I will endeavour to take more today :)

Isla is a really wonderful big sister and has adjusted really well to Harper coming home (thankfully). She's scared of her pooey nappies though, but apart from that hasn't complained at all. The 2nd day we were home together she asked to have a sleep over at my Mum's place though!

She officially has middle names now, Miss Harper Joni Kate :)

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