Monday, October 27, 2008

36 weeks.

Cankles - check!

Belly button gone - check!

Exhausted - check!

Insomnia - check!

Feeling pretty average at the moment, the last two days I've needed to have Nana-naps to see me through to the afternoon! Tummy has been feeling really tight and sore, and the baby movements are hurting me!

Still up in the air about how I will birth this baby. I am leaning towards the c-section, although I kind of think, if things happen before then, I'll just go with the flow and see what happens. Midwife appointment tomorrow night, then I go weekly from then on, which is a bit exciting, so I'll have a chat with her and see what she thinks is the best thing to do.

Last night was awful, I couldn't get comfortable no matter what I tried. Ian ended up sitting on the lounge with me around 2am rubbing my back while I sat and cried. I feel awful for being upset at being uncomfortable because I know there are so many people who would give anything to be in my position, but bloody hell, it's hard!

I wonder if it's psychological, I haven't been "this" pregnant before, so I wonder if it's just my mind overplaying everything, you know, like I know the baby would be okay if she were born now, just like Isla was, while I know every day inside is better, part of me feels like I'd like her out right now!

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