Tuesday, October 21, 2008

35 weeks.

Sleep - what is it again?? I've been finding it harder and harder to actually get any sleep lately, last night in particular - although that was Isla's constant waking/needing to go to the toilet - more than anything else. It seems I can sleep well for perhaps 2 hours, anything more than that is met with constant tossing and turning, hip pain, reflux, Isla, Ian snoring, Ian's alarm, the dog howling...the list is never ending.

Feeling titanic at the moment. Lots of trips to the toilet, nothing really fitting me clothes-wise except for dresses and leggings.

Have half-heartedly packed a hospital bag - it currently consists of maternity pads and toilet paper - oh and all the clothes I'm taking in for the baby, and a couple of wraps - but that's it. Should pull my finger out, but I am way.too.tired.

Looked at my ticker. It says 35wks, 35days to go!

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