Saturday, January 31, 2009

Harper. 10 and a bit weeks.

I have been SO slack with updating!

Harp has grown so much, she changes every day. She's still lovely, and sleeeps ALL NIGHT! She'll normally go down between 7 and 8 and sleeps until 5ish, so I still get a little bit of my Matt Lauer fix!

She's goo-ing and gaa-ing all the time now, in fact she's behind me doing it everytime the fan blows past her. She's coped witht this feral heat SO well, it hasn't really bothered her too much, other than making her really sweaty!

I can't quite work out what size she's in now, she's outgrown some of her 0000 things and no longer fits into her 000 wondersuits, but some 000 things swim on her, it's all too confusing!

She's a pretty easy going little person, lots of smiles and giggles :)

She had her needles 2 and a bit weeks ago, so she was pretty angry for a few days folllowing, but has come good again, thankfully. I had her hips checked again and the Dr found a click,I'd heard it before-hand, so we went for an ultrasound which she screamed the whole way through.

Results came back on Friday, slight instability, nothing to worry about. Will re-scan in 2 months time to be sure. Hmm. Will speak to Isla's physio about it on Tuesday.

Which leads to why we've been so busy lately, Isla had a birthday, her 4th in fact. Isla had a party which was lovely, and since then I have had little time for anything! I will update her blog for more news on her:

At 8 weeks, Miss Harper weighed in at 5.2kgs and 59.5cms long, and utterly adorable :)

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