Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Harper. 9 months old.

Happy 9 months baby.

You're so much fun these days. We're always smiling - except for bedtime!

You were such a beautiful girl yesterday, you slept all night for Mummy without making a peep from the moment I put you in there, but you woke up when Daddy got up for work this morning. I only wish you knew how much I appreciate it!

You're absolutely adoring bath time now, you used to hate it. It's so funny to watch you bum shuffle from one end of the bath to the other.

Two little toothy-pegs have almost come through, they're sitting just under your gums. You're chewing on EVERYTHING in sight.

Still eating like a maniac, your poor big sister has to sit across the room from you to eat otherwise you pull at her arms/hair/clothes etc until you get her food, all the while squarking at her like a seagull.

You love to play peek-a-boo, you used to hide behind your wraps, but now you just lift your hands over your head and pretend to hide. You're super cute.