Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Harper. 6 months old.

Happy Half Birthday Harper-potamus.

Still super-cute. Still sleeping all night long. Still love your cuddles.

Lots of new things now, I swear Harp says "Isla" - it comes out more like, "I-yah" which is exactly how Isla used to say it. So cute, will give it a little longer before we claim it as her first word. Coincidentally, Isla's first word was also Isla.

Harp has just learnt to sit on her own these past two weeks. So clever. Utterly bizarre to see her sitting up on her own, little Isla still can't sit that way. In lots of ways (more physically than anything) it's like Harp is my first child. All the developmental milestones that she's reached that Isla never did, or did much later.

Almost outgrown her bassinette. I say this all the time. I have absolutely no idea where the bolts are for Isla's old cot. Isla hasn't been in her cot since 2006 - I have no idea where to start looking. Maybe I should just buy a new one? Either way, she's trying to roll over in there and it's not happening, I'm a tad concerned that she's going to topple the whole thing over. Yikes.

Little Harper, love you lots.

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